Wicket Keeping Buyers Guide

Wicket Keeping is a specialist position that requires specialist equipment, but the amount of options out there can make it feel confusing! We aim to help you decide what wicket keeping gloves and equipment you need.

Wicket Keeping Gloves

Starting with the gloves; wicket keepers need specialist gloves which are generally made of leather and faced with a rubber material that helps you catch the ball when it comes your way. Wicket keeping gloves start from around £20 and go right up to over £100, and generally speaking the higher level of cricket you play, the better standard of glove you will want to be buying. They do get more comfortable as you spend more on them, as the more expensive gloves are made from better quality materials and designed for wicket keepers who will need to wear them potentiall all day whilst fielding. 

Gauntlet or 'Shortie' Style Wicket Keeping Gloves

There are two styles of wicket keeping gloves, the guantlet and shortie. The gauntlet style glove has a longer cuff on it that cover more of the foream which gives greater protection to the wicket keepers wrists and lower arm. However many keepers think that it restricts movement a bit, so they choose the shortie style glove that is shorter on the wrist. Really it is personal preference as to which style glove you get as there is no obvious benefit to one style of glove over the other.

How Much to Spend

As much as you may not want to hear it, the more you spend on your wicket keeping gloves the better they will tend to be. More expensive gloves are made from more breathable leather and other materials which mean the gloves are lighter and better performing. You will also get a higher standard of face to your gloves, and since catches don't come frequently in a game you may find it useful to buy the best gloves you can afford. Each manufacturer will have their own technologies which help soften the impact of the ball hitting the gloves and helping you to take those all important catches, so make sure you have a good look through the site and find the ones that suit you best.


When it comes to the style and brand of wicket keeping glove you choose the options are many! Companies such as Salix, Newbery and Chase offer more subtle gloves, whilst the likes of Kookaburra offer some bright coloured gloves which match their brand colours. It's up to you which style gloves suit you best!

Wicket Keeping Pads

In addition to the gloves you will need some wicket keeping pads to protect your legs when you keep wicket. Wicket keeping pads are shorter and much much lighter than batting pads which all helps allow a much greater range of movement and flexibility which you need when keeping wicket. 

Wicket keeping pads get lighter and offer more protection as you spend more money, so to get the best performance it makes sense to buy the best you can afford within reason. Your final choice on which pair of pads pads may be to match your gloves, or you may just like the look of a certain pair of pads but the brands on Cricket Republic all offer an excellent choice of wicket keeping pads and any of them will help you with your aim of taking more catches and stumpings!