Gray Nicolls Scoop Revival

11 Nov 2011 16:48:36

Gray Nicolls had great success in 2011 with their 'Legend' bat, a premium quality, grade 1 cricket bat with a retro look. And their success has not only led other companies to follow in their footsteps (Gunn & Moore with the heritage 1885 cricket bat), but encouraged them to expand their retro selection for 2012!

And they have chosen a belter in reviving the Gray Nicolls Scoop cricket bat, an iconic bat first seen in the 1970's, but more recently and with more success in the 90's with the likes of Brian Lara using it to great effect! The Gray Nicolls scoop was a revolutionary cricket bat as reducing the weight of a cricket bat by removing wood from the back of the bat had never been done before, and the performance of the bat didn't suffer. 

However, the more modern trend of getting as much wood as you could in a cricket bat meant the Scoop lost favour in the early 2000's, however with recent developments in pressing meaning you can still get a lot of wood even by removing some, the scoop revival returns for 2012 and is set to be a real hit. Already the press and first impressions around this bat have been positive, and we can see the Gray Nicolls scoop revival being a huge sales success.

Gray Nicolls want this bat to be a crowd pleaser and one that a lot of people can enjoy, so they have decided to place this bat at a very friendly £160, about half the price of a top of the range cricket bat nowadays. For this you still get a good quality grade 2 English Willow, thick edges, and a simple yet incredibly striking looking bat and one that will be the talking point of your club along with drawing admiring glances from opposition players.

The Gray Nicolls Scoop Revival is available from Cricket Republic in a range of weights - so check it out and get your new 'old' Gray Nicolls Scoop Revival ready for next season!

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31 Oct 2011 00:00:00

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